MSDN Development Platform, DDK Pack (October 1998)


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1 July 98 Windows 95 DDK SETUP.EXE
The Windows?95 Device Driver Development Kit (DDK) provides the documentation, tools, and sample sources you need to develop device drivers and virtual devices for Windows 95.

The April 1998 update includes an updated NEW95DOC folder with updated documentation.

See the Windows NT 4.0 DDK's \WIN9X folder for for creating USB and prototype HID device drivers.

2 July 96 Windows 95 Far East DDK SETUP.EXE
Windows?95 Far East DDK
3 January 97 Windows NT DDK for Windows NT 4.0 SETUP.EXE
Windows NT?DDK. The Device Driver Kit (DDK) provides documentation and sample programs that will help you develop device drivers and virtual devices for the Windows NT environment.

This update includes a new 3D spec in the \DDK\DOC\SPEC directory and a new \WIN9X\USB directory.

4 August 96 Windows NT 4.0 Hardware Compatibility Test (HCT) SEE \HCT\DOC\COVERLET OR \HCT\DOC\JPN\COVERLET.DOC.
This binary-only release is being sent to you for testing to ensure that Windows NT?4.0 runs on the complete range of your hardware and to give you an opportunity to list your marketed systems on updates to the Windows NT 4.0 HCL that is posted on the Microsoft Web site at by returning passing HCT system compatibility test results to Microsoft. Please be sure to read the enclosed software license agreement before using this kit.
5 January 98 Windows NT Workstation 4.0 HCT "Designed for Windows NT" logo edition (Japanese) See Setup.txt
The January 98 edition corrects problems with the original release's audio tracks.
6 July 98 Windows 98 DDK
This disc contains the Windows 98 device driver development kit (DDK). However, the documentation viewer technology that is included, HTML Help, is still beta. Because HTML Help is a system component, please read the README.TXT file carefully before installing.
7 September 98 WHQL PC98 Hardware Compatibility Test CD (8.0)